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June 25, 2009

Loved or Being Loved...?

People may say that I'm quit stupid,plus when it comes to this kind a questions. Well there's nothing different! being Loved or loved someone, at the end of it we are the one who'll suffer most. No matter how much we try, to be lovable but we still have to face some cicumstance. Without realizing it we have to make many sacrifice for something that we love. What a suck! Why can't we just leave it behind, and stop thinking about LOVE? It's still hurt even though we being loved and more hurt when we love that much (not just towards our families also friends, girlfriends or boyfriends). So why we should have the feeling? (Questions that I always ask myself actually.) Just one reason that I read before, God gives us the feeling. Like it or not, love is still in the air....

June 14, 2009

SoOoOoO SweEeEeTtTtT...~~~~

semuanya kerana ketensenan esok hari...

June 13, 2009


Ni la nasi AYAM AL-RAFI... best...!!! heheheh

~~~New Cover..~~~

June 09, 2009

No Matter...!!

No matter how much I try
I still the one
The unwanted person that exist
Without any reason to live

No matter how much I do
I still the one
The person that people hate most
That they regret a lot

No matter what I say
I still the one
That people won’t listen to
As they hate me that much

But no matter they try
To keep me a side
I still the one
Who appreciate them most…?

No matter they do
I still the one
Who keep on survive in my own world
Even though with this regret

No matter what they say
I still the one
Who deaf enough to keep quiet
Listen to their words

A Say by Ms. WHO?!

If I die;
Please don’t cry;
If I leave;
Please do believe;
Love to be with you;
It’s all true;
Shy to admit;
Relief that we meet;

As time passes away;
I will stay;
I’ll be with you;
If that you want me to do;
The fate that we face;
Thing we can’t erase;
Nor sweet memories could do;
Only bad regards will speak to;

People will forget me;
Only that I could be;
Nothing I could do;
Because I’m just the Ms. WHO?!