Cool People

December 12, 2012

The Main Reason To Have Fb and Twitter Account

Bet everyone has the account for both, either Fb or Twitter. Or some may have both. Well ofc every second of their life, they will update their statuses. Saying  like ‘today I eat rice,’ or maybe, ‘I met a hot guy today’ or maybe ‘awwhh.. u think u that beautiful? Bitch!’ And this is the first point I wanna stat here. FB status is made for u to tell others what u do today, either something u ate, u drank, u saw or how u feel. Whatever it is, just share it with the whole world about it. And most importantly, if u ever got annoyed with ur friends, update ur status and tell other how bad she or he is. Maybe something like ‘ hurmm.. y does ppl like to meddle in other’s affair? Just mind ur own business,’ or maybe ‘the good deeds will always get repaid, but the bad one? Think about it urself.’ Nice right? Make sure, u updating it as soon as u guys had a fight. The person who u means it for will eventually know it by themselves and u save urself from wasting ur saliva on arguing. Is it good? Oh but sometimes u don’t want to make u friends sad with such sarcastic words, update it on ur twitter. U’re saved if ur friends didn’t follow u. That’s so called friend should do u know? It’s always can be apply on ur Blackberry since not all people afford to have it. The one who don’t have the gadget would never know what status are u updating of. Cool right? U saved humanity once again. All in all, having fb and twitter is about ‘sharing’ with ppl about how u feel, especially how u feel towards someone who is so annoying to u. So start updating ur status now. Tell others how u feel and they definitely gonna help u by giving advices or u might find some ally there too. J

p/s:  takde niat nk sindir sesape pn.. sape makan cili die terasa pedas.. eheh >.>