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July 12, 2014

Letter To My Brothers And Sisters


My dear brothers and sisters,

I'm not a good Muslim, not even a good followers of our beloved Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. As I wrote this, I was hoping that I don't have intentions of getting some attention. Hopefully this gonna be the most sincere things I ever write for the whole life. I might not have the power to go to the war, or giving charity, but I hope this is the very least thing I can do.

Yes, we all know how bad the condition of our poor brothers and sisters in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, or any other hostile countries. Palestine once again flood with blood, with Israeli bombarded with bomb and whatnot. But that's not what I want to say for now, since it's the news that everyone can read and watch. I don't need to make summary for what happen, since I know that you know best. For Allah sake, this is the time we'll see how strong relationship we have among us Muslims. We stood up together, believe that we have to fought for their rights. But I really hope that, this going to be long strong relationship and not for temporary just because for what happened right now. We have to stood up together as Muslims because that's the only way we have. We can't let those disbelievers to step on us anytime they want. We've been mock, insult, bullied for almost the rest of our lives. How long do you think we can survive this when every single day (not just today) for so many years we've been treating like strays? It's the time we have to fought for our rights. I don't say you have to raise up your guns, fight without strategies but there are sorts of means that we can do.

Remember this my dear brothers and sisters, Charles Martel used to say; "We will wait till they are all wanting to build great houses and castles, when they are all wanting to have housekeepers, when they're all fighting with each others for powers. That's the time we will defeat them, easily." See? They've been scheming for it for so many years and here we are today. Fall to every wealth and greed.

I saw this status post on a friend of mine. Yes, she is a Jewish which I'm not proud at all to have her in my friend list. But I still keep her there, so that she can see every likes I made about Palestine. She said; "I don't appreciate people who speak against us and wish for our destruction...". Oh, come on. See how much destruction your illegal country has made? You might not be part of the decision maker who make the decision, but then you still have shelter to hide in. A perfect hiding place, where my Palestinian brothers and sisters have no place to run at all. Your country destroyed every bits of their homes. How can you say that when you don't even go there to see what actually happen. You said, we learn from small to hate your people. But didn't it goes the same to you all that we're just a small piece of life that you can kill anytime you want? If you can talk about humanity, is killing innocent child is humane? Killing the innocent mothers is humane? Think again. Just put yourself in our shoes, if your family being bullied or being killed by others. How will you react? You'll be just like us.

To my dear non-Muslims friends,

I really appreciate to see how you see the things are. That's right you don't have to a Muslim to be sad of what happen. It's more than humanely things you ever can be to feel sorry for what is happening. It's better to have some feelings rather than not feeling anything at all including remorse. So I thanked you for that.

To all,

What I wrote here is not because I want to spread hatred but the reality. May be peace to all of us, who try to survive in this world. We might come from different continent, having different thoughts, but we're all come from one creator - Allah s.w.t. May we all being bless with His Love and Mercy. And let us keep on praying to our brothers and sisters in those countries; and also to all our brothers and sisters that having bad times in life. Those who syaheed, they already know their place. Jannah is waiting for them. But we; the one who still puffing the air, still have long road to go. Our place hasn't  been decided just yet.

That's all, from me. Thanks for reading this.

note: To those who stumble upon this post of mine, you may share this if you're agree. Copy this and make it as yours. I don't want any credit for this. Have a nice day.

14 Ramadhan 1435

June 25, 2014

Salah Siapa?

Salam ukhwah sahabat sekalian,

It's been awhile to write on something over here. Semoga semuanya selamat dan sentiasa diberkati oleh Allah. Hurm, guess like always it's always a hard thing to start on something. Haha rasanya aku kena brush-up lagi skills untuk menulis ni. Apapun, aku nak ucapkan thanks pada korang2 yang still sudi baca apa yang aku tulis, walaupun aku tau kadang2 aku ni banyak merepek dari bercerita benda yang berfaedah. Banyak perkara yang dah berlaku sebenarnya, tapi bukan cerita pasal aku yang aku nak share. Tapi pasal seorang kawan. Well, there's always ups and downs in life. Kita selalu ckap dunia ni tak adil. Benda buruk selalu je jadi kat kita. Tipulah kalau korang tak pernah terlintas pun benda macam ni kat kepala. Jadi sebagai seorang yang suka observe org lain, menjadikan aku orang yang cepat je tangkap reaksi orang. Bukan nak bangga diri, tapi sbb apa yang aku nak cerita ni ada kaitan dengan ni.

Baik, berbalik pada cerita kehidupan tadi. Aku semalam bercerita dengan seorang kawan. Maksud aku dengar je cerita die. Tentang hidup dia and whatnot. Dia tak abeh2 cerita pasal love life (yang pada aku, apalah yang nk dikecohkan? Hidup bukan untuk 'love' semata-mata.) Tapi takpelah, kita dengar je. So, time die tengah bercerita tu, nampklah reaksi muka dia yang sebenarnya pada aku sgt innocent (maybe i was wrong). So, aku terpikir. Budak ni tak salah, yang salah pilihan yang dia buat. Timbul lak rasa kesian dekat dia. Tapi aku diam je, macam biasa sebab setiap komen yang aku buat selalunya akan buat orang rasa sakit hati. Tak lama lepas tu, dia cerita pasal Islamic Gothic. 1st time aku dengar pasal tu.

Aku cakap, kan perempuan Muslim kena pakai tudung? Then, dia jawab pakai tudung tu tak berdosa. Demi Allah, aku terkejut. Even tho, ikut ckp adik aku sbnrnye ad mazhab yang kata xpe xpakai tudung, cuma makruh. Still, for someone like me... aku percaya pada apa yang aku percaya. Kawan aku tu ye, Muslim. Pastu dia mula cerita pasal Islamic Gothic ni, dia suruh aku tgk pictures dekat google. Tapi aku bukan jenis yang suka nak percaya dengan gambar2, so aku bacalah sikit artikel pasal tu. Well not that quite understand actually, tapi satu je yang aku faham. Islam adalah Islam dan gothic adalah movement yang berasal dari Kristianiti. Dua benda yang tak boleh digabung. TAK BOLEH walau dengan apa caranya. Takkan halal cara yang sememangnya haram. Then, dia cakap kat aku, "I guess u won't join me". Dan betul, aku takkan join die.

Seriously, aku rasa dia betul jauh tersasar. Apa yang aku cerita kat sini, takde niat pun nak malukan dia atau apa. Cuma aku nak cakap, kesian sebab dia jauh tersasar macam ni. Aku betul nak tolong dia balik ke pangkal jalan, malangnya aku sendiri pun tak betul. Betul boleh terangkan dia apa yang dia percaya tu salah, tapi aku kena ada bukti yang kukuh. Sekurang-kurangnya aku faham dalil-dalil yang ada. Hadith dan Sunnah. Biar aku betul faham sebelum nak terangkan dekat orang lain. Sebab manusia selalu ada soalan yang takkan pernah ada titik. Betul, kita kena sampaikan pesanan walaupun satu ayat, tapi bukan ke kita kena cukup ilmu dulu sebelum buat macam tu.

Aku kadang-kadang terfikir, bila benda macam ni jadi siapa kita nak salahkan? Mak ayah atau diri sendiri? Persekitaran? Allah dah tunjuk jalan yang betul, tapi kitalah yang nak kena pilih jalan mana yang kita nak ambik, betul tak? Aku harap Allah s.w.t akan bukak hati dia untuk bertaubat. Dan semoga kita semua berada di bawah lindungannya. Dalam hal ni tak kisahlah siapapun yang bertanggungjawab, penyelesaian dia satu je. Tuntutlah ilmu tu. Bukan ilmu dunia je, tapi agama jugak.

Akhir kata dari aku, jagalah adik-adik kita, anak-anak kita dan seluruh ahli keluarga kita supaya mereka tetap berpegang pada tali Allah. Terputus tali tu, terputuslah hubungan kita dengan-Nya. Alangkah hinanya kita di bumi Tuhan ini.


August 29, 2013

It Feels Like Forever

Geh, i think it's been a while to wrote in here. I guess i almost forgot about the existence of this blog. The slow connection always stop me from updating. Seriously, things not always good as we expect. There are always bump here and there, well that's what we called life. What does it if there is no obstacle, right? Things gonna be just fine as we keep on believing in it. That's what matter most.

I should say, there're actually many thing i did for along the year. Realize it or not 2013 almost come to an end. Still have my life hanging somewhere, and i still dunno what to do with my life. I guess, i just need to follow the flow while keep on searching for what i really want to do. My parents start on nagging me about this and that. I still dunno what to answer them really, so it's kind of suck.

But then, i guess i learnt so many things. I learn what hardship is, how does it feel to actually being praise for what u actually have done. Love, the thing that i always found hard to understand and things that always gonna give me hard time is actually a feeling given by Allah for His servant. Even with His love alone is always gonna make us smile. I learn to keep my faith on Him, to keep on believing His promise. Really, it helped me a lot and in various time. I really thanked Him for everything that He gave me.

I learn how does it feel to miss someone. Hahaha, it doesn't mean that i didn't miss my dear family, but it's the first time i missed someone outsider. Well, i supposed it's the hardest thing of all. And i believe that person doesn't even remember or miss me at all. But then, here i am still hoping that he will message me even just for a word. LOL. Guess this is the pathetic Darkness.

Hurm... I still feel like underdog. No one really noticed me or i should say i'm still unknown. But sometimes i do questioning myself, didn't i always wanted to be unnoticed? Geh, i super hypocrite. Anyway, i'm gonna start working on my novel. Even tho it's not that good, not as good as what other writers write i still wished that i could be one. That's the only dream i still hold close to me - become a WRITER.

Anyway, to those who still come over. Still checking on this gloomy blog of mine, thanks  lot. I do appreciate it a lot. Hope i can update it some other time, but till then take care and have a good day or night.

December 12, 2012

The Main Reason To Have Fb and Twitter Account

Bet everyone has the account for both, either Fb or Twitter. Or some may have both. Well ofc every second of their life, they will update their statuses. Saying  like ‘today I eat rice,’ or maybe, ‘I met a hot guy today’ or maybe ‘awwhh.. u think u that beautiful? Bitch!’ And this is the first point I wanna stat here. FB status is made for u to tell others what u do today, either something u ate, u drank, u saw or how u feel. Whatever it is, just share it with the whole world about it. And most importantly, if u ever got annoyed with ur friends, update ur status and tell other how bad she or he is. Maybe something like ‘ hurmm.. y does ppl like to meddle in other’s affair? Just mind ur own business,’ or maybe ‘the good deeds will always get repaid, but the bad one? Think about it urself.’ Nice right? Make sure, u updating it as soon as u guys had a fight. The person who u means it for will eventually know it by themselves and u save urself from wasting ur saliva on arguing. Is it good? Oh but sometimes u don’t want to make u friends sad with such sarcastic words, update it on ur twitter. U’re saved if ur friends didn’t follow u. That’s so called friend should do u know? It’s always can be apply on ur Blackberry since not all people afford to have it. The one who don’t have the gadget would never know what status are u updating of. Cool right? U saved humanity once again. All in all, having fb and twitter is about ‘sharing’ with ppl about how u feel, especially how u feel towards someone who is so annoying to u. So start updating ur status now. Tell others how u feel and they definitely gonna help u by giving advices or u might find some ally there too. J

p/s:  takde niat nk sindir sesape pn.. sape makan cili die terasa pedas.. eheh >.>

October 13, 2012

Sometimes life like that

Salam all,

Dah lama betul tak update blog ni. Makin lama makin hidup segan mati tak mahu. Huhuhu... Kesian...~~ Alkisahnya, memang la ada cadang nak update, tapi idea takde plak. And aku pun tak nak lah post benda-benda yang tak berfaedah ni. Karang makin kurang plak pahala aku yang memang dah kurang ni. Sebenarnya, memang banyak benda yang berlaku sejak akhir-akhir ni. Baik dan buruk. Tapi selalu jugaklah aku ingatkan diri aku yang setiap yang buruk tu sebenarnya ada kebaikannya. Kan tu yang dah dijanjikan oleh Allah. 

Walaupun kadang-kadang rasa tertekan jugak dengan apa yang berlaku, tapi anggap je semua tu sebagai dugaan... Kalau aku senang je, setiap dugaan yang datang tu semua sebab Allah sayangkan kita. So, accept it no matter what and live the life just like you always did. Sebab semuanya ujian Dia untuk kita hamba-Nya yang selalu aje lupa. Kadang-kadang kalau dah senang tu, enjoy sana enjoy sini. Sampaikan kita lupa yang kesenangan tu sebenarnya pinjaman je. 

Dulu... aku selalu rasa macam tak adil sangat. Sebab.. setiap kali ada masalah, akulah tempat orang meluahkan rasa. Sedih, marah, kecewa etc.. or even when their happy. Aku jugalah tempat dorang mengadu. Dan aku suka atau tidak, dengar jelah masalah dorang dan kadang-kadang aku akan bagi nasihat. Bukanlah aku nak bangga diri ke apa, tapi memang begitulah hakikatnya. Tak kira berapa jauh pun kawan aku, parents aku or adik-adik aku, memang akulah tempat dorang mengadu. Rasa happy juga kalau dapat tolong orang ni, even for just a single sentences. Rasa macam pakat motivasi pun ada jugak aku ni. Hahaha... tapi itulah kehidupan. Kadang-kadang kita rasa yang diri kita ni sangat tak penting, hakikatnya kita sangat penting pada orang lain. Itulah kehidupan. Kita takkan pernah menghargai diri sendiri. But trust me, if you know how to appreciate yourselves, people will appreciate you more than you know. Biarlah hidupnya kita memberika
Hidup satu perjalanan
n sinar pada orang lain, dan pemergian kita meninggalkan seribu kenangan bermakna pada mereka. Hidup ini saling bergantungan pada yang lain. Senyum dan ucapkanlah perkataan-perkataan yang baik. 

June 12, 2012


Salam to all readers.

Hurm... dah lama tak update blog. Idea ter'short' lak. Haha. Nak way camne, idea bukan selalu datang. Kalau dah ada tu baiklah wat note sesiap sebelum hilang. Sejak akhir-akhir ni banyak betul benda yang jadi. Sama ada yang aku jangkakan atau tak, tapi apa yang pasti tu semua dah tertulis untuk berlaku. Qada' dan Qadar Allah. Kadang-kadang kita je yang lupa semua tu. Apa boleh buat, manusia ni pelupa. Tapi, selalulah ingat yang setiap yang berlaku tu ada sebabnya. Sabar~

Ahh.. aku sepatutnya ingatkan diri aku pasal ni. Kadang-kadang aku memang baran. Marah tak tentu pasal. Mulalah nak berapi-api. Maki hamun sini sana. Bukanlah nak bukak aib aku, tapi peringatan untuk korang dan aku jugak. Bila korang sedar dari marah korang, barulah korang akan rasa menyesal dengan apa yang korang kata. Minta maaf, yaaa... memang senang. Tapi adakah korang dah betul-betul menyesal dan adakah korang sanggup lakukan apa je ntuk tunjukkan yang korang dah betul-betul menyesal dengan apa yang korang buat? Dan adakah korang pasti yang orang yang korang sakiti tu dah maafkan korang? Aish... terbanyak pulak soalannya. Haha....

Dan dulu... aku slalu mengeluh "haih, kenapalah malang sangat aku?". "Kenapa aku macam ni?" "Kenapa aku ni loser sangat?" Betul, aku seolah-olah mengesali dengan ujian Allah pada aku. Ya Allah bertapa berdosanya aku setiap kali aku ingat balik apa yang aku kata. Aku benci family aku sendiri sebab kata-kata dorang, sebab cara dorang layan aku, untuk semua keputusan yang dorang buat untuk aku.Betul, akulah manusia paling teruk dahulu. Yahhh... aku bukanlah nak bukak aib aku, tapi untuk pengajaran kat korang. Bila dah sedar balik, rupanya ni semua ujian. Mampu tak aku tahan semua ni? Mampu tak aku bersabar dengan ujian ni? Tulah persoalan yang Allah bagi dekat aku. Dan aku memang betul-betul buta time tu. Langsung tak nampak apa. Sehinggalah sekarang, bila aku bukak balik mata aku. Bukak balik hati aku untuk tengok semua yang dah Allah buat untuk aku. Betul-betul aku rasa menyesal skang ni. Kalau dengan manusia bolehlah kita minta maaf banyak kali, tanpa rasa malu. Tapi dengan Allah boleh? Malu nak berhadapan dengan Allah tu sangat tebal.

Dan sebagai pengajaran kepada korang, jangalah berburuk sangka terutama pada ketentuan Tuhan. Sudahnya macam aku, malu. Walaupun aku tahu Allah itu Ar-Rahman dan Ar-Rahim. Yang pasti akan mengampun dosa-dosa hambaNya yang memohon keampunan. Selagi hayat masih ada kengkawan, pohonlah keampunan dariNya, sebab kita tak tahu bila waktunya kita akan mati.

May 17, 2012

Diary Comes To Live

Mirai Nikki finally come to live. From a manga then being adapted into an anime and now in live-action. To those who love action, drama, mystery, horror and psychological genre, this manga, anime and drama is the best choice for you.

It's basically about a young boy, Amano Yukiteru has a problem in making friends and he always write a diary using his cell about what ever he saw during the day. He believes that he's a bystander to world's happening. His only friend is an imaginary friend whom makes thing no longer an imaginary anymore; Duex Ex Machina. Been told that he's gonna have a new interesting game, Yuki starts an survival game.

Kind of interesting manganime. Should be watching the anime and read the manga too. But I wasn't sure about the live-action since it just started. Already in 4th episode now. And the anime is already in 2nd Season. So enjoy... :)

p/s: I haven't watch these anime and drama yet. Hopefully got a chance to watch them XD