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December 12, 2010

Qualia - UVERworld

December 05, 2010

UVERworld - endscape.DVD.x264-UAC.mkv

September 20, 2010


It's UVERworld! Their new album has been release... Cool! Even their songs are cool. Gosh, wish that I could buy them. But that's doesn't matter, the great thing is that Nabuto new hair style really suit him best. Hehehe!

(The cover album for Qualia - also included songs for Gundam... Sugoii ne?!)

(It's from the album LAST (2010)..)

Of course this is the best JRock band ever...!

August 27, 2010

Listen to the tune and follow the rhythm. There you'll find everything was fine.

The Fog

Last night I dreamt ‘bout you,
Your sweetest words woke me up,
I can’t forget all the words,
And I can’t forget your lovely face.

Oh my, how could this happen to me?
I run through the fog searching for you,
You nowhere in my eyes,
Disappear in the fog.

The morning came to visit,
With shining sun up bright, smiling,
But you’re not there next to me,
All I do just dreaming.

I do remember all the words that you said,
The promises that I gave,
And it seems to fading away,
Disappear in the fog.

Part of me keep telling,
Reminding me for everything,
Still I’m longing for you to come back,
Ah… my dearest I do!

Oh my, how could this happen to me?
I run through the fog searching for you,
You nowhere in my eyes,
Disappear in the fog.

Please tell me that you still there for me,
I’ll give everything, just for you my dearest!

World Irony

Hey, won’t you listen?
To the words I had written,
Done before I’ve forgotten,
Sang with hard rhythm,
Lend me your ears,
Promise it won’t break the tears.

World so irony,
Things happened beyond expectation,
Then they start blaming,
For the course and it become worse.

Now they start talking,
Nonsense and impossible,
Hard to believe,
Though it lies front the eyes,
The unspoken truth.

Sadness and pains, become one,
A rhythm of heart-breaking,
True the world so irony.

It’s not metaphor,
Not even a simile,
It’s only a story of world of irony.

Yeah… the world so irony,
Things happened beyond expectation,
Then they start blaming each other,
For the course and it become worse.

May 02, 2010

Hari yang sungguh mengecewakan~~~

Huh! Ari ni btol2 wat aku tertekan! Da la kene layan cam orang bodo, tengok2 org ku suka tu da ade yang punya... HUaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!~~ Ape nak jadi ni? patah ati aku ngan ape yang jadi... Tak pelah... biar je ape yang da jadi. Nak wat camne... da naseb... hahahaha.. (Mereng!)

tu je la nk ckp pun... buang mase tol!

April 04, 2010


Erm... ak pun da tak ingat bile last time aku anta new entry kat blog suram aku ni... hahahaha... lagipun takde benda aku nak cakap. Hidup pun makin susah, makin penat dan akin banyak benda aku nak pikir. kadang-kadang rasa cam nak give-up je idup, tapi kan.... tak best la plak.tapi tu la... idup ni mang penuh ngan cabaran. Nak tak nak kena la kita hadapi, tabah atau tak, suka atau tak... tulah idup. *SIGH* tu la benda nye... asek2 mengeluh je keje aku... Waaa.... patah ati tu memang laselalu jadi. Nak-nak pula bila benda yang kita nak sangat tapi kita tak dapat. Dah berusaha bagai nak rak un belum tentu dapat. Sedih nye rase... Tapi macam aku cakap tulah idup. Ari2 ku duk pikir? pae gune aku idup tapi asek gagal je. Rase cam aku ni LOSER berjaya lak. aiyooo.... Ikut je sume kehendak orang, tapi still gagal untuk jadi yang terbaik...!

February 03, 2010

I'm Special?

am i special? for everything i do not because of me but for the sake of other...? am i special for being the chosen one and at the end of it i'm the one that people put the blame on? am i still special? for every second of my life i was about thinking running away form here and cut-off all the relationship with them? am i still special? for having bad thoughts and do bad things? am i still special?