Cool People

August 29, 2013

It Feels Like Forever

Geh, i think it's been a while to wrote in here. I guess i almost forgot about the existence of this blog. The slow connection always stop me from updating. Seriously, things not always good as we expect. There are always bump here and there, well that's what we called life. What does it if there is no obstacle, right? Things gonna be just fine as we keep on believing in it. That's what matter most.

I should say, there're actually many thing i did for along the year. Realize it or not 2013 almost come to an end. Still have my life hanging somewhere, and i still dunno what to do with my life. I guess, i just need to follow the flow while keep on searching for what i really want to do. My parents start on nagging me about this and that. I still dunno what to answer them really, so it's kind of suck.

But then, i guess i learnt so many things. I learn what hardship is, how does it feel to actually being praise for what u actually have done. Love, the thing that i always found hard to understand and things that always gonna give me hard time is actually a feeling given by Allah for His servant. Even with His love alone is always gonna make us smile. I learn to keep my faith on Him, to keep on believing His promise. Really, it helped me a lot and in various time. I really thanked Him for everything that He gave me.

I learn how does it feel to miss someone. Hahaha, it doesn't mean that i didn't miss my dear family, but it's the first time i missed someone outsider. Well, i supposed it's the hardest thing of all. And i believe that person doesn't even remember or miss me at all. But then, here i am still hoping that he will message me even just for a word. LOL. Guess this is the pathetic Darkness.

Hurm... I still feel like underdog. No one really noticed me or i should say i'm still unknown. But sometimes i do questioning myself, didn't i always wanted to be unnoticed? Geh, i super hypocrite. Anyway, i'm gonna start working on my novel. Even tho it's not that good, not as good as what other writers write i still wished that i could be one. That's the only dream i still hold close to me - become a WRITER.

Anyway, to those who still come over. Still checking on this gloomy blog of mine, thanks  lot. I do appreciate it a lot. Hope i can update it some other time, but till then take care and have a good day or night.