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July 12, 2014

Letter To My Brothers And Sisters


My dear brothers and sisters,

I'm not a good Muslim, not even a good followers of our beloved Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. As I wrote this, I was hoping that I don't have intentions of getting some attention. Hopefully this gonna be the most sincere things I ever write for the whole life. I might not have the power to go to the war, or giving charity, but I hope this is the very least thing I can do.

Yes, we all know how bad the condition of our poor brothers and sisters in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, or any other hostile countries. Palestine once again flood with blood, with Israeli bombarded with bomb and whatnot. But that's not what I want to say for now, since it's the news that everyone can read and watch. I don't need to make summary for what happen, since I know that you know best. For Allah sake, this is the time we'll see how strong relationship we have among us Muslims. We stood up together, believe that we have to fought for their rights. But I really hope that, this going to be long strong relationship and not for temporary just because for what happened right now. We have to stood up together as Muslims because that's the only way we have. We can't let those disbelievers to step on us anytime they want. We've been mock, insult, bullied for almost the rest of our lives. How long do you think we can survive this when every single day (not just today) for so many years we've been treating like strays? It's the time we have to fought for our rights. I don't say you have to raise up your guns, fight without strategies but there are sorts of means that we can do.

Remember this my dear brothers and sisters, Charles Martel used to say; "We will wait till they are all wanting to build great houses and castles, when they are all wanting to have housekeepers, when they're all fighting with each others for powers. That's the time we will defeat them, easily." See? They've been scheming for it for so many years and here we are today. Fall to every wealth and greed.

I saw this status post on a friend of mine. Yes, she is a Jewish which I'm not proud at all to have her in my friend list. But I still keep her there, so that she can see every likes I made about Palestine. She said; "I don't appreciate people who speak against us and wish for our destruction...". Oh, come on. See how much destruction your illegal country has made? You might not be part of the decision maker who make the decision, but then you still have shelter to hide in. A perfect hiding place, where my Palestinian brothers and sisters have no place to run at all. Your country destroyed every bits of their homes. How can you say that when you don't even go there to see what actually happen. You said, we learn from small to hate your people. But didn't it goes the same to you all that we're just a small piece of life that you can kill anytime you want? If you can talk about humanity, is killing innocent child is humane? Killing the innocent mothers is humane? Think again. Just put yourself in our shoes, if your family being bullied or being killed by others. How will you react? You'll be just like us.

To my dear non-Muslims friends,

I really appreciate to see how you see the things are. That's right you don't have to a Muslim to be sad of what happen. It's more than humanely things you ever can be to feel sorry for what is happening. It's better to have some feelings rather than not feeling anything at all including remorse. So I thanked you for that.

To all,

What I wrote here is not because I want to spread hatred but the reality. May be peace to all of us, who try to survive in this world. We might come from different continent, having different thoughts, but we're all come from one creator - Allah s.w.t. May we all being bless with His Love and Mercy. And let us keep on praying to our brothers and sisters in those countries; and also to all our brothers and sisters that having bad times in life. Those who syaheed, they already know their place. Jannah is waiting for them. But we; the one who still puffing the air, still have long road to go. Our place hasn't  been decided just yet.

That's all, from me. Thanks for reading this.

note: To those who stumble upon this post of mine, you may share this if you're agree. Copy this and make it as yours. I don't want any credit for this. Have a nice day.

14 Ramadhan 1435