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February 15, 2012

The 4 Temperament

Based on Hippocrates, health depend on balance of 4 fluids in our body and this called as 'Humoral Theory'. The 4 fluids or temperament are; 'Sanguine', 'Choleric', 'Melancholic' and 'Phlegmatic'.

1. Sanguine
Is a humor of blood, which associated with the liver and the Air. Person whom blood predominate is said to be Sanguine. This word come from the Latin 'sanguis' which means blood. It been said that, those who have 'Sanguine' personality is a courageous and passionate person because they posses the hot and moist element within them.

> Self-composed
> Not given to worry
> Liberal
> Tends to follow rather than lead
> Cordial
> Peaceable
> Talkative
> Not averse to change
> Adjusts easily
> Tends to prefer informality
> Aware of surroundings
> Impetuous
> Impulsive
> Lacking in perseverance
> Lacking in initiative
> Prone to carelessness, hedonism, flightiness, and lust

2. Choleric
'Choleric' is a humor of Yellow bile, which associated with spleen and Fire. Choleric come from the Greek word 'khole' which means bile. This is why they said that, people who posses 'Choleric' temperament usually easy to get angry and be mean. This is because of the element it posses the hot and dry element.

> Self-composed
> Not given to worry
> Persuasive
> Independent
> Rarely shows embarrassment
> Tends to lead rather than follow
> Persistent
> Insistent
> Decisive
> Dynamic
> Impetuous
> Impulsive
> Touchy
> Prone to hypocrisy, deceit, pride, and anger

3. Melancholic
Whereas, 'Melancholic' is a humor Black bile and associated with gall bladder and the Earth which is a cold and dry element. 'Melancholic' come from the word 'Melas' (Greek) means Black and 'Khole' means bile. People who posses this usually moody and depressed; results from the overproduction of the Black bile.

> Sensitive
> Intuitive
> Self-conscious
> Easily embarrassed
> Easily hurt
> Introspective
> Sentimental
> Moody
> Likes to be alone
> Empathetic
> Often artistic
> Often fussy and perfectionist
> Deep
> Prone to depression, avarice, and gluttony

4. Phlegmatic
This is a humor or Phlegm, that associated with the lungs, brain and the Water element. Apparently a cold and moist element. People who posses this type of humor is usually person who is sluggish and also apathetic.

> Peaceful
> Easy-going
> Deliberative
> Faithful
> Reliable
> Relatively unaffected by environment
> Reserved
> Distant
> Slow in movement
> Constant in mood
> Not prone to worry
> Prone to stagnation and sloth

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